Who are you riding with? Limousine Providers vs. Ride-Hailing Apps

Driver and passenger safety has plagued ride-hailing app services. When you get into a car, you’re riding with a stranger. To address security issues, Uber added a 9-1-1 button. However, Jason Levine, Executive Director of Auto Safety said, “The announcement appears to be addressing the symptom as opposed to the problems.” -- City Lab

Wired commented, “These smart and necessary changes” are not groundbreaking: “These types of features one should expect of a ride-sharing company valued at $72 billion.” Quartz

Be Driven Safely, in conjunction the National Limousine Association and Who’s Driving You, a public awareness campaign from the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association (TLPA) are advocating “for-hire” vehicle safety and highlighting the risks of using Uber and Lyft. “Uber and Lyft undercut “for-hire” vehicle safety with inadequate insurance, lack of background checks, and more.”