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Chicago to up Taxes on Uber and Lyft

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago

  According to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the multi-millionaire owners of Uber and Lyft have had essentially free rein in Chicago. She plans on raising taxes “And if we are smart about this, making this small increase will not hurt our neighborhoods or impair accessibility for disabled riders,” Lightfoot said in her written speech.  Active…

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Childhood Car takes to the Street

Little Tikes Car

Awesome Jelly reports on Geoff and John Bitmead, brothers who turned the Cozy Coupe into a functioning adult car. They noticed the similarity between the Coupe and the Daewoo Matiz and decided to completely transform it.   The Adult version is fully functional, equipped with airbags, headlights, mirrors, a gas tank, and goes up to…

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All Black Car Services are Not Created Equal

Business woman in black car

Whether you’re traveling with friends to a special occasion, hitting the town on date night, or making sure your teen gets to and from their after-prom party safely, there are times when you want the luxury, convenience and dependability that only a professional black car service or chauffeured limousine can offer. However, not all black…

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Should there be a “Dependent Contractor” category?

Washington Post, Uber and Jeff Bezos

Recently passed legislation requires companies to classify workers as “employees” if their work is central to the business.  But other countries handle it differently, in an Ontario Court of Appeal decision the Court made reference to a category of worker known as a “dependent contractor”.  Rules and benefits could depend on the circumstances and the…

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