All Black Car Services are Not Created Equal

Business woman in black car

Whether you’re traveling with friends to a special occasion, hitting the town on date night, or making sure your teen gets to and from their after-prom party safely, there are times when you want the luxury, convenience and dependability that only a professional black car service or chauffeured limousine can offer.

However, not all black car services are created equal. For instance, while ride-share services like Uber and Lyft offer versions of upscale car services at prices that may be lower than those of traditional limousine companies, you or your children may end up riding with an inexperienced driver in a poorly maintained vehicle without adequate insurance coverage.

If you are planning to use a black car service or chauffeured limousine and not sure which option to choose, here are some important facts to consider before you decide.

Uber Black and Lyft Lux

Uber Black is Uber’s premium for-hire service that requires drivers to have commercial registration and drive high-end sedans or SUVs. It is available in big cities like New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.

Lyft Lux is a comparable black car service which Lyft is currently operating in many cities throughout the U.S. Because availability is constantly changing, you will need to check the company’s website to see what services are offered where you live.

While ride-share services may seem to be a viable option when you want to save money on transportation, there are potential risks and concerns. Lack of consistency and accountability can be serious issues. Because Uber and Lyft are technology platforms that connect drivers with riders, there is no actual business entity that you can rely on if things go wrong. You have no way of knowing who the driver will be or booking a driver you like for a future trip. Rides may be canceled without notice and prices are often increased during peak hours, resulting in trips that can cost significantly more than you expected.


Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors, not employees. While these ride-sharing services require drivers to have ID, automobile insurance and a valid driver’s license, they do not perform interviews or extensive background checks and drivers are never required to check into an office. As a result, ride-sharing services cannot adequately monitor vehicles or drivers.

Traditional Black Car Service

Professional black car or limousine services provide a more reliable, secure and upscale  experience compared to ride-sharing services. Rides are scheduled in advance through a reservation agent or dispatcher, and many services offer online reservations with the ease of an app. Traditional black car services provide fixed rates and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your booking will be honored – no matter the circumstances.

You also get the services of knowledgeable and fully vetted professional drivers. Because licensed limousine drivers are company employees, they are interviewed, background checked, fingerprinted and their motor vehicle records are reviewed. Vehicles are kept clean and well-maintained, and many black car firms accommodate passenger preferences such as requesting a specific driver or having coffee or bottled water waiting for them in the car.

When personalized service, dependability and security matter, you get what you pay for. New Jersey’s reputable limousine services will deliver the first-class experience you expect and make sure you, your family and your friends arrive safely – no matter where your destination may be.