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How Clean is that Ride?

How clean is that car?

  Not all germs are harmful – but their mere existence on surfaces indicates the potential for problems. The higher the bacteria level, the more likely that some of the microorganisms are harmful. In this study, NetQuote swabbed surfaces to find out how many colony-forming units (CFU) were present per square inch on each surface…

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How Safe are Local Travel Options?

Commuting by train with a face mask on

As New Jersey and New York move through phased COVID-19 reopening plans, more people are leaving their homes, traveling locally, and heading back to work. But as the pandemic continues, many are wondering if transportation options like public transit, trains, taxis, rental cars, and rideshare services are safe. Short of driving your own car, there…

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A Travel Tax Credit?

Travel in California, Big Sur

AFAR has reported that the government in Italy is paying people to travel. In an effort to encourage domestic tourism and revitalize the travel industry, it’s offering what’s become known as a “holiday bonus”.  This will is being offered to lower-income families to encourage spending in hotels, campgrounds, and beach resorts across the country during 2020.…

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