Should You Fly During the Pandemic?

Flight attendant in facial mask protection from Covid-19 serves passengers


According to the NY Times, in spite of the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving, more than one million people in the United States got on planes. They attribute the high number of travelers to a sense of pandemic fatigue that many people are experiencing. Some may decide that seeing the family is worth the risk of potentially getting the coronavirus while traveling.

But even with the uptick in travel, keep in mind that in the 11-day period around Thanksgiving last year, 26 million people flew and this year it was about half that.

Should you fly? Many studies on that question have been published in the months since the pandemic brought travel to a halt in March. Many of them suggest that the risk of contracting coronavirus while flying is very low. However, travel is more than just the flight. Going through security, getting to the airport, using the airport restrooms and restaurants all pose risks.

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