Will this Corona Virus Strategy Make Flying Safer?

man wearing a face mask on an airplane

The airline industry has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Countries across the globe instituted nationwide lockdowns earlier this year and effectively brought air travel to a near standstill.  Airline travel is down 70% as compared with last year. Although things are beginning to open up a bit, jumping on an airplane does not seem to be a priority for most people.  Because of that, Alitalia — the largest airline in Italy — recently rolled out a rather clever marketing ploy to convince potential travelers to return to the sky.

They recently launched corona virus strategy to help ease passengers concerns. Corona Virus-Free Flights! The airline will ensure that everyone on board is coronavirus-free by requiring passengers to submit a negative corona virus screening test within 72 hours before the flight. This new initiative doesn’t apply to international air travel.  Covid free flights will be tested on a route between Rome and Milan which is about an hour or so each way.