Eliminate Travel Stress

Eliminate stress


We hoped the vaccine would make travel easily accessible and relatively stress-free. While this is true, and it will get easier as we move forward, there are still major restrictions, proof documents, and tedious actions we must take to travel.  In addition to all of the Covid related precautions, there are basic safety precautions that we should take. Like using a professional ground transportation service.

According to a recent news article, an Uber driver hit a drunken passenger who attacked him during a ride early Sunday.  The agitator suffered a serious head injury after the Uber driver smashed his head on the pavement, law enforcement sources said.  This typed of behavior would never occur with a professional limousine driver.

Eliminate any headaches by hiring a trusted ground transportation chauffeur instead of an Uber or Lyft. Your driver will always be on top of things, follow safety protocols, and genuinely care about your transport.

If you’re in the NYC/NJ area, hire a LANJ driver today! https://www.lanj.org/members