Should I book fall travel right now?

Plane flying

According to Condé Nast Traveler, it depends on your health status and the epidemiological situation where you’re going. Those with underlying conditions should reconsider traveling abroad even if they are vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The CDC now offers country-specific travel guidance that ranges from a Level 4 (COVID-19 Very High) alert to Level 1 (COVID-19 Low). In general, unvaccinated people should avoid international travel, according to the CDC, and those who are vaccinated should avoid nonessential travel to Level 4 destinations.

If you choose to travel internationally this fall, invest in the right travel insurance and only book changeable flights and accommodations, in case a spike in cases at your destination means you’ll have to postpone your trip. ‘Cancel for any reason’ insurance is most helpful in those scenarios, and is typically separate from standard trip insurance. Standard trip insurance kicks in during travel for things like emergency flights home or alternative accommodations if you have to quarantine.

It’s also crucial that travelers make sure they have medical insurance that will cover them abroad, as most U.S. health-insurance providers can’t provide coverage internationally. Travelers should also choose to visit countries with better healthcare systems that are less likely to be overwhelmed by a sudden rise in cases. And they might also consider visiting nations with high vaccination rates that make a sudden outbreak far less likely.

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