3 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent to Plan You Next Trip

travel agent poster

With all of the do-it-yourself resources available online, it’s easy to imagine travel agents have become a thing of the past. But if you’ve ever tried navigating those travel websites, you know it can be overwhelming. Especially now – when dealing with the complications of travel restrictions and testing requirements is even harder than deciding if a flight or hotel package is really a good deal.

The impact of the pandemic has reminded us of the incredible service travel agents provide. At time when things can – and do – change at moment’s notice, travel agents can make sure their clients are prepared and have options if things go wrong. If you have a go-to-travel agent, you already understand the benefits. If you don’t, here are three reasons to consider using one to plan your next trip.

  1. Save Time, Aggravation and Money.

Whether you’re considering an all-inclusive resort, cruise, tour, or road trip, travel agents will do the research, plan, and book your trip. They can save you hours of time by providing options and recommendations within your budget and time frame, and often have access to deals that aren’t available to the general public. They can also eliminate the hassle of coordinating a group booking or a family getaway where you need to block multiple rooms or make special requests for your group. Before sitting down with a travel agent, it’s good to have a general idea of what you’re looking for, when you want to go, your budget, and the type of travel you like most. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for them to narrow down the options for you.

    2. Get the Most Out of Your Getaway.

No matter how big or small your budget, using a travel agent can help you book a better trip. With their wealth of expertise and resources, travel professionals can minimize the hassle and maximize the enjoyment of planning complex vacations like safaris or trips to remote destinations. And these days, even a long weekend getaway has its challenges. For example, reduced staffing at places like restaurants and spas may result in limited hours. A proactive travel agent will be thinking ahead, arranging dinner reservations, tee times, and massage appointments in advance of your stay.

    3. Leave the Worrying to a Professional.

The seemingly daily changes to pandemic restrictions, policies, insurance considerations, and travel advisories make it impossible to stay up to date. Fortunately, it’s a travel professional’s job to have the latest information on everything from vaccination requirements to airline cancellation policies. You can rely on your travel agent to explain what refunds or credits a travel provider is offering and what the options are for changing travel dates or rebooking your vacation. Because the information they provide comes directly from their supplier connections, you can trust that it is timely and accurate.

If a crisis causes your dream vacation to be postponed or cancelled, your travel agent can recommend the best options for using vacation credits or moving the trip to different dates. And when it comes to arranging for worry-free ground transportation, travel agents know they can rely on New Jersey’s reputable private limousine companies to get their clients to and from their destinations – no matter how many times their plans may change.