Many Venues Require Proof of Vaccination

table and chairs at a wedding venue

Weddings have resumed in 2021, especially with the COVID vaccine’s distribution to the general public. But, with breakthrough cases and higher contagion levels of the Delta variant, couples are facing ever-evolving rules like mask mandates.  In various regions, proof of vaccines are now required for entry. Cities like New York, now require proof of vaccination at indoor gathering spaces like restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Knot Real Weddings Study found that the vast majority of to-be-weds (over 95% of couples), modified their weddings last year to meet COVID-compliant standards. Since situations varied by state, similar rules regarding masks and social distancing are enforced according to each state and county. Once again, couples are back to diligently awaiting possible changes.

The most important recommendation for couples is to communicate with their vendors and guests as often as possible. Contingency plans (if needed) will soften the blow of any unexpected, last-minute changes, especially with the ever evolving guidelines.

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