Planning a Vacation? Here’s What’s Happening!

Tuscany, Italy

Still dreaming about taking a trip this summer? Now may be the time to make your dream a reality! Yes, the pandemic continues to have an impact on travel – but with so many places easing or dropping restrictions, the world is opening up for the first time in several years.

Surging demand is fueling an array of travel trends, from where people want to go and how they want to get there to the experiences they want to have. To help inspire your vacation planning, here’s a look at what’s trending right now.

Urban Renewal

With renewed excitement surrounding dining, nightlife and attractions, travelers are heading back to urban areas like New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Nashville and Chicago. Summer is the perfect time to shop for sweet deals at big city hotels, and occupancy rates are improving as properties focus on creating imaginative programs to attract guests intent on enjoying onsite amenities like the pool, spa and restaurants.

Exploring Europe

Does it seem like everyone you know is heading to Europe? Well, data shows that Europe swept the top 10 spots for where U.S. travelers are going this summer. Hot spots include Greece, France and Spain, as well as Italy – where travel pros report that vacationers are searching for authentic experiences in less crowded areas like Umbria, Sicily and Puglia. Looking for something new and even more low-key? Check out Slovenia.

Cruising in Private

Demand for small private cruises – like yacht charters and ultra-luxe canal or vintage boutique barges – has skyrocketed. Couples, families and groups of friends are attracted to the exclusivity and built-in social distancing of a floating “bubble” with a dedicated crew. For the same reason, demand for highly customized private trips (and extended stays lasting three or more weeks) is also on the rise.

Taking Advantage of the “Antibody Window”

One deterrent to travel – especially to places outside the U.S. – has been the fear of contracting Covid and getting stuck in a destination. Now, people who have contracted and recovered from the virus are viewing their “antibody window” as the ideal time to get away. The prestige travel network Virtuoso reports that clients have contacted them to plan their next vacation while they are still in quarantine. 

Air Travel Challenges

Airline ticket prices have gone up significantly this year due to increases in both fuel prices and demand. At the same time, staffing and rehiring challenges have resulted in fewer pilots, flight attendants, and a host of essential employees that support the domestic air travel system. The resulting cancellations and reduced flight schedules have created chaos and uncertainty – a trend that is not expected to change any time soon. But you can count on New Jersey’s private limousine services to provide you and your loved ones with reliable, safe and healthy transportation to and from the airport.

Innovative Hotel Services

Like airlines, hoteliers have been struggling with staff shortages and a reduction in guest services that is likely to continue. Properties may be cutting back on daily housekeeping and  24-hour room service, but the pandemic also has accelerated the industry’s use of technology. Look for upgrades like contactless check-in, keyless doors and the ability to pick your room in advance. And many hotels have introduced smart rooms where guests can use their smartphones to control the temperature, make dining reservations or request extra towels.