Proposition 22

Uber and Lyft ride share drivers

According to The Hill, it’s been a confusing 18 months, for Uber and Lyft drivers in California. First he state legislature passed a law saying that anyone who works in the “sharing economy” would now be treated as a full-time employee and not an independent contractor. Good in some ways, not so good in others.…

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Will this Corona Virus Strategy Make Flying Safer?

man wearing a face mask on an airplane

The airline industry has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Countries across the globe instituted nationwide lockdowns earlier this year and effectively brought air travel to a near standstill.  Airline travel is down 70% as compared with last year. Although things are beginning to open up a bit, jumping on an airplane does…

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5 Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Safely

a virtual holiday toast via zoom

The upcoming holidays are a time for families and friends to gather together. But with the weather getting colder and no sign that the pandemic will be over any time soon, families must find ways to have enjoyable experiences that minimize risk. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released detailed guidelines…

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Fall Travel Plans?

car loaded with travel gear

Thinking of making fall travel plans? You’re not alone! Fewer COVID-19 restrictions, coupled with attractive pricing, enhanced safety measures, and flexible booking policies offered by hotels, airlines, and other travel providers, is sparking interest in domestic and international travel. And with the exception of events that draw large crowds like Oktoberfest celebrations and Halloween parades,…

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Road Trip Safety

taking a road trip

Business Insider discusses the best way to road trip across America and stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Travel Intelligence, 67% of travelers are likely to travel with their personal cars during the next six months — which is “more than double the percentage planning to travel by air during the same time…

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How to Travel Safely

Empty hotel room

Travel is complicated right now, and tasks that were simple a year ago — like checking into a hotel or gassing up — now have inherent risks. To minimize interaction with strangers when checking into a hotel, checking in and out at off-hours — an industry trend that had already been on the rise pre-pandemic.…

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Uber and Lyft Must Treat Drivers as Employees

Using cell phone for directions

According to AdAge, Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi said that the company would likely shut down operations in California.  He made this announcement just two days after a California judge ruled that the rideshare services Uber and Lyft must treat drivers as full-time employees rather than independent contractors.  Uber’s Director of Strategic Operational Initiatives Brad Rosenthal…

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How Clean is that Ride?

How clean is that car?

  Not all germs are harmful – but their mere existence on surfaces indicates the potential for problems. The higher the bacteria level, the more likely that some of the microorganisms are harmful. In this study, NetQuote swabbed surfaces to find out how many colony-forming units (CFU) were present per square inch on each surface…

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How Safe are Local Travel Options?

Commuting by train with a face mask on

As New Jersey and New York move through phased COVID-19 reopening plans, more people are leaving their homes, traveling locally, and heading back to work. But as the pandemic continues, many are wondering if transportation options like public transit, trains, taxis, rental cars, and rideshare services are safe. Short of driving your own car, there…

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