Incidents & Activity Involving Uber and Lyft

In 2015, Ride Responsibly™ was established by the National Limousine Association to raise awareness and advocate for safer ground transportation for both passengers and drivers. Ride Responsibly® encourages you to Think Before You App®.


Since all ground transportation service providers are not held to the same regulatory, safety and employment standards. Ride Responsibly’s mission is to highlight the crimes, rapes, sexual assaults, abuse, users data breaches, unlicensed vehicles drivers and even murder.

For example, when you download the Uber app, you agree to terms and conditions by default. And in the fine print of these terms and conditions, Uber absolves itself of anything that happens to you–be it an accident, theft, assault, or death.

Lives would be saved and security risks significantly reduced if safety and legislature issues are changed to create a level playing field. In fact, 83% of Americans believe ride-hailing app drivers should be drug-tested, 91% believe ride-hailing app drivers must have appropriate commercial and liability insurance, and 83% believe drivers should undergo criminal background checks.

New York: Keep the Uber cap in place: Flooding the streets and underpaying drivers

Georgia: Uber driver wanted on attempted rape, other charges arrested in Cobb

Indiana: Lyft driver in Indianapolis orders gay couple out of his car after they kiss

Texas: Uber driver accused of taking off with customers luggage and $8,000

Georgia (05/10/18): Who’s driving? Uber, Lyft drivers accused of violent crimes in Atlanta

Texas (05/04/2018): Uber investigating how a convicted killer was allowed to work in Brazos County

Michigan (05/03/18): Lyft driver sexually assaulted passenger after she refused $1K offer: cops

Hawaii (05/02/18): 'Sickening': Uber and Lyft accused of gouging military visitors to Hawaii

Florida (05/02/2018): Uber driver charged with showing porn video to minors during Tampa ride

United States (05/01/18): 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse

Uber and Lyft finally admit they’re making traffic congestion worse in cities

Florida: Uber driver charged with pointing gun at texting motorist

Colorado: Family of man killed by Uber driver accuses company of negligence

Texas: Round Rock Uber driver falsely claimed he was kidnapped, police say

New York (06/14/18): Uber Driver Suspended After Kicking Lesbian Couple Out Of Car

Tennessee (06/04/18): MPD: Uber driver faces assault after hitting passenger with bat

California (06/02/18): Uber Eats driver accused of threatening to stab couple to death

New York (05/27/18): Uber Driver Hits Parked Cars, Flips on Lower East Side

Utah (05/24/18): A driver alleged an Uber rep assaulted him. Uber offered $400 to make it go away

Texas (05/21/18): Uber driver gets 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting passenger, claims it was just a 'passionate kiss'